Category: Technology

After strike delays, Chevrolet Corvette C8 roars to life

With a touch of the Start button, the big V-8 fires up with a deep and menacing rumble. The new Chevrolet “C8” has finally come to life. Originally unveiled last July at a splashy even in Southern California, the actual launch of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette was delayed by months due to the lengthy strike […]

Fossil hunters thought 46,000-year-old ‘icebird’ died yesterday

This 46,000-year-old ‘icebird’ was so well preserved that fossil hunters mistook it for an unfortunate creature that ‘died yesterday’ – only to realise they had found the first ever ice age bird. Love Dalén was on an expedition with local fossil ivory hunters inside an ice tunnel mined in Siberia when they handed him the […]

Apple is finally going to let you delete all those annoying default apps

The iPhone comes stuffed with 38 apps that allow you to do everything from checking stocks to sending emails. Apple’s designers are at the very top of their game, so many users don’t even think about using rival apps and happily use the default ones. But some people are desperate to free up their phone […]

Global PC market predicted to shrink by 3.4% this year (if nothing else goes wrong)

PC shipments along with many other electronics are set for a slower than expected year. Not only is general demand down due to market saturation and slowing innovation in the case of PCs, but present delays caused by the coronavirus may reduce manufacturing capacity by as much as two-thirds. If everything goes okay from here […]

GeForce Now reaches a million users as Bethesda backs out

Nvidia’s cloud-based gaming service GeForce Now launched less than three weeks ago but has already accumulated one million users. While many of them are surely just nosing around the free tier, that’s a number that’s sure to impress – unless you’re Bethesda, of course. Yesterday, Nvidia published on the GeForce Now forums that “most” Bethesda […]

Report shows one quarter of all tweets about climate change are produced by bots

A study to be published soon by Brown University has found that Twitter bots have had a “substantial impact” in amplifying the messages of climate denialists. The researchers found about 25% of all tweets regarding the climate crisis came from bots with a large margin expressing an skeptical view as to its legitimacy. The study […]

MIT researchers use artificial intelligence to identify powerful new antibiotic

Researchers at MIT are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create powerful new drugs capable of killing disease-causing bacteria, some of which are resistant to all known types of antibiotics. Only a small number of new antibiotics have been developed over the past few decades due to the cost and time associated with screening […]