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8 Chilean Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Valentina Ríos | Courtesy of Akane Uscanga Lucy Pierce These gorgeous Chilean ladies have conjured up an impressive following through social media, and their blogs are extremely read-worthy. With beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel articles, there’s enough to keep you entertained for hours – their Instagrams are just as oggle-worthy! Nicole Putz Probably the most […]

Need to loosen up? Try this 5-minute stretch routine

As a yoga instructor for over a decade, I preach the importance of stretching. Stretching not only helps your muscles warm up and recover from workouts, reducing your risk of injury, but also for posture, blood flow and mobility purposes. I encourage my private clients to focus on yoga-based stretching because this incorporates breathing and […]

Sunday Suppers: a slow-cooker BBQ lamb recipe

This is Sunday Suppers, a weekly menu of comfort food favorites meant to be lingered over and to help you and your family relax and reconnect. I go through slow cooker phases, and this is one of them. The OG proverbial set-it-and-forget-it appliance saves the day over and over again. Yes, I do like my […]

Ignore ’30 under 30′ lists – true success has no age limit

Everywhere you look these days there seems to be another ’30 under 30′ list, implying that if you haven’t ‘made it’ by your fourth decade, then you’re a failure. But true success has no age limit. I’m proof that there is no ticking clock on becoming successful. I was 19 years old when I wrote […]

Tattoo parlour does free designs in marker for kids – but parents are divided

A tattoo parlour that offers free designs in markers for kids has divided parents. Some love the idea of kids getting something designed to look like real ink but others say it’s ‘a gateway to the real thing’. Artists at Ink and Skin Studios, in Shelbywille, Kentucky, offer the designs, which are drawn on in […]

Woman who spent £23k to get 28L size breasts has a song called Boobs Dance

A woman who has spent £23,000 on plastic surgery loves her new 28L breasts and has even written a song called Boobs Dance. Sindy Starlet, from Oslo, Norway, started her journey to pop stardom after undergoing her first cosmetic breast surgery in 2005. Since then, the 30-year-old Instagram influencer has undergone three more breast enlargements […]

I ran 140 miles across the Sahara to escape my suicidal thoughts

The dunes were like mountains, stretching in every direction. Someone said it was 45°C in the shade, but I’ve no idea how they knew. There’d been no shade since the last checkpoint, an eternity ago. An alarm started ringing. My blood glucose was plummeting. I still had days of running ahead of me. It sounds […]

Grieving woman who lost parents and sister writes to prisoner and gets engaged

A woman who lost her parents and sibling within five years became depressed and wanted a way to deal with the painful loneliness. Laura Belmar, from New York, began writing to a ‘lonely’ prisoner after a friend suggested the idea. The 30-year-old, who works as a customer service manager, had become suicidal after losing her […]