What's Been Said

Press Brief

Acoustic singer-songwriter Shane Jackman is the consummate performer. Having honed his art in the college theaters, music festivals and grass-roots halls, Shane has amassed an impressive national following. He has shared the stage with some of the worlds most celebrated artists.

As a recording artist, each of his 6 albums has garnered praise and critical acclaim industry wide, even spending well-earned time on the Americana Top 40 charts. “These are songs to be envisioned and tasted and felt, and the only thing better than this CD would be Jackman and his friends around your campfire.” (Acoustic Guitar Magazine)


For Shane Jackman, music and life are inseparable – and he has an insatiable passion for both. His music has been called “Sophisticoustic,” referring to what Acoustic Guitar Magazine called, his unique “sagebrush sound.”

Growing up in the canyons near Salt Lake City, the second of nine children, Shane spent cool summer nights outside his window on the roof, playing guitar to the sound of the creek behind his house. After majoring in fine arts at Southern Utah University,  he packed his VW bus and drove to Massachusetts. Here he tended polo horses and lived in a hay loft to make ends meet while getting his start in front of the discriminating East Coast coffeehouse crowds. Before long, Shane’s reputation as an insightful songwriter and engaging performer earned him gigs with artists like Michael Martin Murphy, Peter Paul and Mary, Shawn Colvin, Marty Stewart, Trisha Yearwood, the Mavericks, Pete Seeger and Howard Jones.

Since those early days on the east coast he’s been a moving force in the national acoustic singer-songwriter world. Surpassing 150 concerts a year in the college theaters, festivals and grass roots halls. Shane has amassed a substantial national following.

A ten-year touring stint in the 90s took Shane across the country and saw the release of 4 albums: Free in a Free World, Rhythm of the Land, Looking West, and Equilibrium. Rhythm of the Land (BWE Music) debuted in the Americana Top 40, rose to number 23 on the Gavin radio chart, and garnered praise and critical acclaim industry wide. Newspapers, music magazines and the industry’s leading songwriters all praised Shane’s lyrical ease and rich melodies. Looking West likewise received high acclaim.

On the road, in the middle of his hectic touring pace, while selling CDs out of his trunk at colleges, cafes and clubs around the nation and amassing an underground following of students and music lovers, Shane found his rhythm as a musician. With his 5th album, Equilibrium, he found his balance as he followed his passion for a life intertwined with both music and family. Shane’s reputation then leaped into Europe, finding spontaneous audiences through the open radio formats of England, Ireland, France, Germany, and even Latvia, earning rave reviews.

With Shane’s fifth album, Sanctuary, he pushed boundaries, challenged traditions and hints at finding his own independent voice. This album, with an expanded sense of direction, reflects the shedding of old skin and exhilaration of feet being placed on a new path. Shane Jackman found a great pair of wings for the new century with many more adventures to come.

Shane is an enthusiastic contributor of performances and recordings for worthy causes, including: the Daily Dose Foundation; Doctors Without Boarders; Operation Kids; The Pretty Shield Foundation; The Special Olympics; Tifie Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation; Hurricane Katrina fundraiser; Huntsman Cancer Institute; and many, many more. Shane has also worked to establish grass-roots music opportunities for Utah communities, bringing “Songwriters in the Round” concerts to Utah communities featuring participation from his friends in both the National and Local music communities. Some of the artists who have participated in these intimate shows include Ellis Paul, David Massengil, David Lamotte, Michael McNevin, Steve Gillette, Steve Young, (not the football player) Ryan Shupe, Anke Summerhill, Kate McCloud, Doug Winch, Greg Simpson. Through the “Songwriters in the Round” concerts, house concerts and other intimate listening venues, Shane continues to move music from the impersonal to the personal; closer to the home and to the heart.

Shane’s music has been praised as “A breathing portrait of stories brought to life” (Songwriter Monthly.) Michael Martin Murphy touted that Shane is “The real soul of America…His music will haunt you because it is poetry and his image is shaped by that poetry…Image shaped by poetry is priceless.” Priceless indeed. As Acoustic Guitar Magazine so aptly expressed, “These are songs to be envisioned and tasted and felt, and the only thing better than this album would be Jackman and his friends around your campfire.”


“As Americans we all want to understand who we are now, and we have some important choices. We can listen to the empty, hollow voice offered by Wall Street controlled media barons which comes to us disguised as ‘alternative’, or we can discover that there are song-poets like Shane Jackman who struggle to find the real soul of America as life is really lived – and his music will haunt you because it is poetry, and his image is shaped by that poetry. Poetry shaped by image is useless, but image shaped by poetry is priceless.
– Michael Martin Murphy

“These are songs to be envisioned and tasted and felt, and the only thing better than this album would be Jackman and his friends sitting around your campfire.”
– Steve Givens, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“A pure delight…Jackman has no problem distinguishing himself as one of the better entities of the singer-songwriter world.”
– Rob Bleetstein, The Gavin Report

“I’d be very surprised if someone didn’t suggest to Shane Jackman that he use “Uncommon Eloquence” as the title for this CD. He’s probably too modest to have considered the idea… but he’d have been perfectly justified.”
– Stephen Hunt, Green Man Review

“A wonderful storyteller. Strong, clear, nicely done acoustic guitar playing. His voice is a beautiful, controlled instrument that effortlessly brings the lyrics to life.”
– Dirty Linen Magazine

“Jackman writes from the heart, and every song is worth our attention.”
– Nicky Rossiter, Rambles Magazine

“A Western poet with a Utah heart, who brings his sharp observations from the road to life in his songs. Like a frosty morning in the Wasatch range, Jackman’s music is clear and invigorating.”
– Tom May, River City Folk

“Jackman presents material that is substantive, soulful and artfully phrased…He has the ability to shift from songs of grim import to a jazzy fishin’ tune, from vulnerability to a gutsy rendition of the outlaw on the run. The man is indeed going places.”
– Lin Ostler, Acoustic Musician Magazine