8 Chilean Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Valentina Ríos | Courtesy of Akane Uscanga
Lucy Pierce
These gorgeous Chilean ladies have conjured up an impressive following through social media, and their blogs are extremely read-worthy. With beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel articles, there’s enough to keep you entertained for hours – their Instagrams are just as oggle-worthy!

Nicole Putz

Probably the most well-known of fashion bloggers in Chile, Nicole Putz is a name on everyone’s lips in Santiago. Although she was a law graduate, Nicole pursued her career in fashion and was spotted, and thus interviewed at New York Fashion Week back in 2015, casting the limelight on her and leading to international recognition. Following which, she had a season on TV fashion show, Maldita Moda.

Valentina Ríos

Ríos’s website Le Freak C’est Chic has gained a lot of attention. She created her site to showcase her work as a graphic designer, after which she became a stylist and now Valentina shares her beauty and fashion tips. The inspiration for her blog was drawn from feeling like an anomaly at school, due to her style not fitting in amongst conservative Chileans. She’s innovative with patterns, mixing the unthinkable, which exhibits her quirky style and love for authenticity, you can see more on her Instagram.

Valentina Ríos Courtesy of Akane Uscanga

Valentina Urzúa

Gathering a huge following for her instagram account soytendencia, Valentina travels the world in search of new trends and interesting designers. You can shop her collections online or in Las Condes, on Alonso de Cordova 5870, or just keep up to date with her blog, where you can find her travel recommendations, things she loves as well as all things fashion related!

Trini Gonzalez

Trini blogs everything from outfits, jewellery and beauty to a guide of the best things to do in Santiago, which is thrown in for good measure. After studying Fashion and Textile Design as well as Photography and Fashion Styling, she began her blog, which has appeared in both European and South American print. Her style is youthful and classy, and she promotes the idea that you can wear something in a thousand different ways!

Trini G Courtesy of Trini G

Vesta Lugg

Vesta’s TV career began in 2006 when she was on Chile’s longest running teen series, BKN, where she appeared for a total of seven years. She then became a fashion icon in Chile in 2014, thus being chosen to be the main panelist on Friday night’s Primer Plano, dedicated to fashion and the latest trends. This then became Maldita Moda, a new live show on Saturdays.

Kel Calderón

Her early career saw her as a Chilean actress and singer, when she appeared in Karkú at the age of 15, back in 2006. After which she released three singles and an album and became Miss Teen Chile! Since, she has enrolled as a law student at the Universidad de Chile, while maintaining her popular Instagram presence.

María Ignacia Carrasco

Having studied at London College of Fashion, Maria now lives in Perth, Australia and blogs at Pasión de María. She writes about both travel and fashion, stating her feminine and eclectic style tips and recommendations, as well as her Lifestyle and Mummy Blog, where she reviews make-up, beauty and exercise routines and gives her top tips.

Mila Junge

Another Chilean who has flown the nest and is now residing in LA, California, where she lives, works and writes at Sound ofBeauty Style. Mila likes to promote up-and-coming brands, give her best style tips, as well as talking about looks that are in. In addition to her fashion, she also blogs about sounds that she likes and places she visits.

here’s no denying the incredible impact Instagram has had on our digital lives—the social media app has taken photo sharing to a whole new level, prompting creativity from its users all over the world. Below are the seven fashion bloggers from San Juan, Puerto Rico to follow on Instagram.
Nadynem Ortiz

Nadynem shares colorful pictures of fashion, makeup, and lifestyle content on her Instagram. Her unique purses are often the standout fashion pieces that accompany her outfits in photos. In addition, this blogger is a supporter of plus size fashion and body positivity. Check out Nadynem’s blog for more.

Lyzette Adonis

A beauty and fashion blogger, Lyzette is sure to give you major fashion and hair envy. Her fiery reddish-orange curls will steal most of the attention in her photos, but it’s worth taking note of her glam eye makeup, as well. To see more from Lyzettte Adonis, visit her website or YouTube channel.


María Elena Rodríguez runs Ambinity, where followers can find beauty product reviews, motivational quotes, and more. Beauty products include skin products (moisturizer, foundation, healing salves) and more. If looking for additional beauty inspiration from Maria, she provides updates on Ambinityblog, too.

Zilmy Vazquez

If you’re interested in makeup and fashion, keep an eye on Zilmy Vazquez’s photos. Often pictured at the beach, this blogger and Youtuber seemingly has a dress for every occasion and she provides fashion inspiration and information for followers in need of that specific garment. Keep up to date with Vazquez through Twitter and her blog.

Eimy Figueroa

With 37,000 Instagram followers at the moment, this San Juan native’s pictures cover fashion, food, and nature. Her Instagram bio now reads: “styling things. taking photos. going places” and it perfectly captures the essence of her shared photos. Get to know more about Eimy Figueroa on her blog.

Nathasha Bonet

Nathasha Bonet’s Instagram account features outfit of the day photos with tons of tropical style inspiration. She also posts images of tasty treats (dessert anyone?) and sunny locations. You can also find her on Twitter and blog.

Miss Gala PR

Join Miss Gala’s more than 10,000 Instagram followers and receive updates on interesting fashion and makeup looks. Her account is home to bold looks, sometimes accompanied by what are, arguably, her best accessories: her two Afghan hound dogs. If you love her style and want to keep up with Miss Gala, visit her blog.