Tattoo parlour does free designs in marker for kids – but parents are divided

A tattoo parlour that offers free designs in markers for kids has divided parents.

Some love the idea of kids getting something designed to look like real ink but others say it’s ‘a gateway to the real thing’.

Artists at Ink and Skin Studios, in Shelbywille, Kentucky, offer the designs, which are drawn on in Sharpie, for kids and people with special needs in return for a donation to charity.

Writing on Facebook, the studio said they do them for birthdays or other occasions and the post soon went viral with over 22,000 likes and 36,000 shares.

Some parents loved the idea.

The mum of the girl pictured said: ‘Guys just wanna post y’all are making my kids day! She said and I quote “momma I’m Facebook famous!”

‘This is not the first one joe did! He did another for my other girl and she loved it also! He’s not only talented but amazing to the kids! I appreciate all the POSITIVE remarks.’

One said: ‘These are awesome. We have to bring my son soon he’s been begging for a tattoo! He will flip. Lol.’

‘Coming from a fellow tattoo artist this is a great way to let kids express themselves with the love of art and best of all it’s just sharpie, it comes off after awhile, but the smiles of the kids are what matters. Art is life and when art gives you power use it wisely,’ someone else said.

But some weren’t so sure about the idea.

One woman said: ‘Consider it the gateway drug to the real thing!’

Others asked if Sharpie was safe to use on the skin and the studio said that they have been using the markers to draw out tattoos for many years.